Cabezo de Torres clan crime |"I threw the bodies into a container" |The truth

2022-06-23 00:56:58 By : Mr. Jordan Li

This is your last news to see this monthLAST DAYS!Special offer 50% discount.Subscribe 6 months for only €19Already a subscriber?Log inYou have news to see this monthYou have 1 news left to see this monthLAST DAYS!Special offer 50% discount.Subscribe 6 months for only €19Already a subscriber?Log inSpecial units displaced from Madrid raised the ground of the farm in search of the bodies.Soumalia and Ali / CNPAt the beginning of September of last year, the association SOS Disappeared activated an alert for the disappearance of Soumaila Zampou, 37 years old.Seven months later, the same search organization launched another notice looking for 40-year-old Ali Maman Saley.The two men of sub-Saharan origin had something in common.Both of them lost track on the same day, on August 28, 2021, in Murcia.The notices came through the National Center for the Disappeared due to the complaint filed at a police station by a friend of both.The posters with their names, faces and descriptions of the clothes and objects they were wearing the day they were last seen were distributed in the days following the activation of the alerts.Ten months have passed since they lost track of them and it is impossible that no one could have seen them, at least alive.On the night of August 28 and the morning of August 29, they were presumably murdered in a house in the Murcian district of Sangonera la Seca at the hands of FMA, alias 'Kiko', as indicated by the investigations of the Homicide Group of the National Police.The alleged murderer, apparently a trafficker belonging to a clan from the town of Cabezo de Torres, beat them, killed them with "a large knife" - as one of the members pointed out in his statement to the agents. of the organization–, burned them and threw the bodies into a container.“I tied their hands, I was left alone with them... it got out of hand.Then I threw them into a container, 'Kiko' admitted to the police officers who were questioning him.A revenge for being deceived in a drug sale seems to be the reason why he ended the lives of sub-Saharans.Soumalia and Ali were allegedly engaged in stealing large quantities of drugs, paying their suppliers with simulated money.This type of drug 'rollover' is what the Cabezo de Torres clan suffered, losing "a kilo or two of narcotic substance, worth approximately 50,000 euros," according to police sources.This fact made the traffickers, seeing themselves scammed and verifying that the money with which they had been paid for the drug exchange was false, planned to take the Africans to a farm, owned by the main defendant, located in the Naranjal de Sangonera lane. the Dry.On that hot day in late August, one of the members of the organization lured them into the house through trickery.Once they were in a room of the house, surprisingly and with their faces partially covered, members of the clan came out of a room carrying sticks and knives.They tied them with bridles and ropes, and took them to an abandoned warehouse outside the house."There, they killed him and burned their bodies," expose the police proceedings.After Soumalia's disappearance was reported under mysterious circumstances, the Homicide Group found out that he and another man could have established a relationship with a group of drug traffickers.Thus, the 'operation Nero' began, an arduous investigation, whose explosion occurred on Wednesday of last week.That day, a device made up of up to 80 police officers from different central and elite units, such as the Technical Inspections Operational Group (Goit), moved to the Sangonera la Seca estate to make an entry and register the property.In the deployment, georadar and an excavator were used with which the agents lifted the soil of the property in search of the bodies.They also searched the containers of the district to find any remains.They didn't find it.However, the ocular inspection carried out by the Scientific Police transferred from Madrid, and the efforts of the investigators, conclude that the house was the place where the disappeared were killed.The agents arrested five men and one woman, as LA TRUTH revealed last Saturday.Since then, three more people have been arrested, all of them of Spanish nationality;five of them are charged with two murders, illegal detention, drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization.After passing to the disposition of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Murcia, four of those investigated were sent to prison, among them, the main defendant.Among the nine arrested from the Cabezo de Torres clan accused of the murder of Soumalia and Ali, are the father and mother of the alleged perpetrator of the crime, whose defense was assumed by the lawyer Jorge Novella.The Public Prosecutor understands that both were necessary cooperators.For the prosecutor, FMA's mother would have been the person in charge of distracting the victims, "making it easier for both her son and the other participants to take refuge in one of the rooms of the house, thus promoting the attack."The other parent, meanwhile, was the person who provided some means to reduce the victims.The two were released when the judge understood that they did not have a direct and decisive participation in the crime.